The Impact Of Exported Korean Pop Culture On Beauty

Increasing popularity of Korean cosmetics

While the big Korean brands like Amorepacific, Skin Food and Laneige might not be household names worldwide, they have been doing very well in various other adjoining markets particularly Singapore. A current survey found that female Singaporean students spend roughly $300 a year on Korean skincare Singapore imported beauty and cosmetics products.

Impact on fashion apparel

Among the most noticeable examples of K-Pop’s impact in the Hallyu Wave is in the current fashion trends. For a long time, South Korea has been rattling the fashion globe’s tables. Seoul’s Fashion Week is gradually rising to prominence among goliath cities like New York, London, and Milan.

Much of this worldwide focus is earned from the eclectic, creative looks this city serves. Bright colors and androgynous ‘fits are distinctive of Seoul’s city style. K-Pop stars (with a little aid from their stylists) are the imaginative wizards behind these hard-hitting trends!

From their hair down to their shoelaces, members of big bands such as BTS and girl team, BlackPink, carry strong pastels and prints. BTS was also featured in popular American publications such as Allure and Vogue as a result of their indisputable effect. The K-Pop appearance draws considerable motivation from anime, which has seen its own surge in the Western market.

The Hallyu Wave

Naturally the appeal of Korean cosmetics outside of Korea has additionally been propelled by the Hallyu wave as international K-pop and Korean drama fans obtain curiosity in achieving the look of their favourite celebrities. In addition to that many brands are utilizing celebrities to recommend their brand names and commonly these projects connect past the domestic market as followers search for top quality images of their idolizers. However, the emphasis is shifting more towards the actual products rather than the celebrities and eventually the advanced Korean cosmetic itself will be emphasize.

The Hallyu Wave, which began in Oriental nations, is truly sweeping over the world. As pointed out earlier, this motion hints at no indicators of stalling. In fact, the optics indicate an even higher increase in Korean entertainment and its importance moving into 2019. If you can’t stop the wave, you may too find out how to surf!

Korean beauty companies are likewise a good example of how these online markets are utilizing online marketing methods to advertise not only their own website but likewise Korean cosmetics as a whole. The brands attempt to familiarise foreign customers with their items via beauty blogs and video clips, an online fad which has come to be popular over the last few years. Since we bring several brand names that are unknown to foreign customers, we wanted to actively present and discuss them.

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