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Touched By An Angel

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John Masius

Roma Downey

Della Reese

John Dye

Alexis Cruz

Paul Winfield

United States

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September 21, 1994 – April 27, 2003

Promised Land

Promised Land

"Walk With You"
Performed by Della Reese

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Roma Downey and Della Reese of Touched By An Angel Roma Downey,John Dye and Della Reese of Touched By An Angel Touched By An Angel - Cast The Cast Of Touched By An Angel

Monica (Roma Downey) was an apprentice angel who had just been promoted to case worker, a step up from her former work in search and rescue missions. She had been looking forward to the promotion because, as a caseworker, she could be seen by mortals to help and inspire them to change their lives for the better. Overseeing her work, offering advice and occasionally helping herself was Tess (Della Reese), Monica’s heavenly superior. The two of them traveled around the country in a vintage Cadillac convertible, using their common sense, concern and an occasional minor miracle to help people improve themselves. Monica’s cases included helping a bitter high school baseball coach come to terms with his mortality, keeping a successful writer with a drinking problem from being permanently estranged from her family, preventing a woman being blackmailed from committing suicide and helping two orphaned brothers get through a difficult Christmas season.

At the start of the second season Andres (John Dye), the gentle Angel of Death, became a regular member of the cast, helping Tess and Monica and serving as a liaison from heaven. He could tell them when it was – or was not – someone’s time. In the special episode that aired on September 15, 1996, the Greene family was introduced and two days later, got their own series, ‘Promised Land’. Special Agent Angel Sam (Paul Winfield) showed up periodically and Rafael (Alexis Cruz), a young street-smart angel, was a regular during the 1997 – 1998 season.

In April 2001 a new angel, Gloria (Valerie Bertinelli), was added to the cast. She was adjusting to people on Earth and was sorely in need of the guidance Monica provided. That fall Andrew’s role expanded as he functioned as a caseworker. The two-part series finale opened with Monica being evaluated for promotion to supervisor. She helped a mysterious drifter (who turned out to be Jesus) and passed. After Monica said sad farewells to the others with whom she had been working, Tess, who was moving on to other work for God, gave her the keys to the big red Cadillac convertible and left.

The show was created by John Masius and produced by Martha Williamson , it ran on CBS for nine seasons, from September 21, 1994 to April 27, 2003, and aired in many countries around the world. Regular production was based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The show's premise was based heavily on non-denominational Christian concepts. During its run, it was one of the highest-rated shows on CBS, and acquired a substantial fan base.

While John Masius is credited with creating "Touched by an Angel," the series as produced was substantially different from the pilot Masius wrote, which never aired. Masius' script emphasized human suffering, and the angel Monica confided that God toys with humans for sport. CBS fired Masius early in the first season when Masius refused to write a more life-affirming story. He was replaced as executive producer by Martha Williamson, a Christian writer and producer who made the show what it eventually became.

The show was cancelled during its first season. It was brought back the next year after the fans staged a letter-writing campaign

In numerous interviews with Roma Downey, her child Reilly is the goddaughter to actress Della Reese.

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