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The Association

50 years old
United States
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Pop, Folk Rock



Russ Giguere | Larry Ramos | Jim Yester | Bruce Pictor | Del Ramos | Jordan Cole

Past members

Jules Gary Alexander | Terry Kirkman | Brian Cole | Ted Bluechel Jr

And Then... Along Comes The Association (#5, 1966) Reissued in 1967

Renaissance (#34 1967) Reissued in 1967

Insight Out (#8, 1967)

Birthday (#23, 1968)

The Association (#32, 1969)

Stop Your Motor (1971)

Waterbeds in Trinidad! (1972)

New Memories (1983)

Vintage (1983)

The Association 95: A Little Bit More (1995)


1984 Scrooge's Rock 'N' Roll Christmas (TV movie)

1968 The Red Skelton Show (TV series)


2008 My Music: My Generation - The 60s (TV documentary)

1986 Rock 'n' Roll Summer Action (TV series)

1968-1981 American Bandstand (TV series)

1968-1969 The Ed Sullivan Show (TV series)

1968 Where the Girls Are (TV movie)

1968 Carol Channing and 101 Men (TV movie)

1967-1968 The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (TV series)

1967 The Hollywood Palace (TV series)

1966 Where the Action Is (TV series)

The Association The Association Live

A primarily soft-rock and ballad band, the Association sold over 15 million records in the '60s. The group first formed when Terry Kirkman, who had played in several bands, including Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, and Jules Alexander recruited Brian Cole and Jim Yester (whose brother Jerry was a member of the Lovin' Spoonful). Russ Guguere and Ted Bluechel joined soon after, and following six months of rehearsal the band debuted in Pasadena.

The hits, most written by various group members, began in 1966 with the group's first single, "Along Comes Mary" (which some listeners believed was an ode to marijuana), and continued with the more romantic songs for which the Association is best remembered. "Cherish" (#1, 1966), "Windy" (#1, 1967), "Never My Love" (#2, 1967), and "Everything That Touches You" (#10, 1968). Its singles, including the theme song from the movie Goodbye Columbus ((1969), continued to chart but never again reached the Top 30. After an unsuccessful try at progressive rock from 1969 through 1973, the group faded from the charts and began working nightclubs. Several members (Ramos, Bluechel, Yester) released a single in 1975, but the Association attracted no further notice until early 1981, when all of the band's original surviving members (Cole died in 1972 of a heroin overdose) made a comeback attempt. Giguere and Ramos continued to tour with other musicians under the Association name into the '90s. In 1990, BMI designated "Never My Love" (along with the Beatles' "Yesterday") one of the most often played songs in history.

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