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Richard Roundtree

73 years old
New Rochelle, New York
United States
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July 9, 1942

Karen Roundtree (1980 - ?) (divorced) 3 children


2010 Retreat!

2010 This Bitter Earth

2010 The Confidant

2010 Meet the Browns (TV series)

2009-2010 Diary of a Single Mom (TV series)

2010 Whatever She Wants (video)

2010 Collar

2007-2009 Lincoln Heights (TV series)

2009 Knight Rider (TV series)

2009 Set Apart

2008 Ladies of the House (TV movie)

2008 Speed Racer

2007 Point of Entry (TV movie)

2007 Final Approach (TV movie)

2006-2007 Heroes (TV series)

2007 All the Days Before Tomorrow

2006 Close to Home (TV series)

2006 Grey's Anatomy (TV series)

2006 Blade: The Series (TV series)

2006 Wild Seven

2005 Painkiller Jane (TV movie)

2005 The Closer (TV series)

2004-2005 Desperate Housewives (TV series)

2005 Brick

2004 Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon

2003-2004 Alias (TV series)

2003 1-800-Missing (TV series)

2003 Vegas Vampires

2003 Men Cry in the Dark (video)

2002-2003 As the World Turns (TV series)

2002 Boat Trip

2002 Al's Lads

2002 Joe and Max (TV movie)

2001 Resurrection Blvd. (TV series)

2001 Corky Romano

2001 Hawaiian Gardens

2000-2001 Soul Food (TV series)

2001 Shoot! (short)

2001 Antitrust

2000 Shaft

1999 Linc's (TV series)

1999 Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years (TV movie)

1999 Rescue 77 (TV series)

1998 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV series)

1997-1998 413 Hope St. (TV series)

1997 Profiler (TV series)

1997 Steel

1997 Any Place But Home (TV movie)

1997 George of the Jungle

1996 Original Gangstas

1990-1996 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TV series)

1996 Buddies (TV series)

1996 Touched by an Angel (TV series)

1995 Ballistic

1995 Theodore Rex (video)

1995 Once Upon a Time... When We Were Colored

1995 Se7en

1995 The Wayans Bros. (TV series)

1995 Bonanza: Under Attack (TV movie)

1994 Renegade (TV series)

1994 The Devil's Bed (TV movie)

1994 Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (TV series)

1991-1994 Roc (TV series)

1994 Mind Twister

1993 Bonanza: The Return (TV movie)

1993 Sins of the Night

1993 Amityville: A New Generation (video)

1993 Deadly Rivals

1993 Body of Influence (video)

1993 Moscacieca (TV movie)

1992 L.A. Law (TV series)

1992 Christmas in Connecticut (TV movie)

1992 Hearts Are Wild (TV series)

1992 Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight

1991 A Time to Die

1991 Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV series)

1991 The Young Riders (TV series)

1991 Black as the Heart (TV movie)

1990 MacGyver (TV series)

1990 Bad Jim

1990 21 Jump Street (TV series)

1989-1991 Generations (TV series)

1989 Beauty and the Beast (TV series)

1989 Amen (TV series)

1989 A Different World (TV series)

1989 Crack House

1989 The Banker

1989 Night Visitor

1989 Miami Cops

1988 Murder, She Wrote (TV series)

1988 Party Line

1988 Cadets (TV series)

1988 Angel III: The Final Chapter

1988 Maniac Cop

1988 ABC Afterschool Specials (TV series)

1988 La vendetta

1986-1987 Outlaws (TV series)

1986 Jocks

1986 Opposing Force

1986 The Fifth Missile (TV movie)

1985 A.D. (TV mini-series)

1984 City Heat

1984 The Baron and the Kid (TV movie)

1984 Killpoint

1983 Masquerade (TV series)

1983 The Big Score

1983 Young Warriors

1983 Magnum, P.I. (TV series)

1983 Just an Overnight Guest (TV short)

1982 One Down, Two to Go

1982 Q

1981 An Eye for an Eye

1981 Inchon

1981 CHiPs (TV series)

1980 The Love Boat (TV series)

1980 Gypsy Angels

1979 Day of the Assassin

1979 Game for Vultures

1979 Escape to Athena

1977 Portrait of a Hitman

1977 Roots (TV mini-series)

1975 Diamonds

1975 Man Friday

1974 Earthquake

1973-1974 Shaft (TV series)

1973 Shaft in Africa

1973 Charley One-Eye

1973 Firehouse (TV series)

1972 Shaft's Big Score!

1972 Embassy

1971 Shaft

1970 What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?


2009 Breast Cancer: An African American Perspective (TV documentary)

2008 Tavis Smiley (TV series)

2008 Speed Racer: Wonderful World of Racing - The Amazing Racer Family (video documentary short)

2008 Ebony Fashion Fair: 50 Years of Style (TV movie)

2008 16th Annual Trumpet Awards (TV special)

2007 The Turn On (TV series)

2006 America's Top Sleuths (TV mini-series documentary)

2006 2006 Trumpet Awards (TV movie)

2005 The John H. Johnson Story (TV documentary)

2005 Negermagasinet (TV series documentary)

2004 Ultimate Film Fanatic (TV series)

2004 2004 Trumpet Awards (TV movie)

2003 Soul Comes Home (TV special)

2002 Roots: Celebrating 25 Years (TV movie)

2002 The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (TV documentary) Narrator

2002 2002 Trumpet Awards (TV movie)

2001 Rhythm and Blues 40: A Soul Spectacular (TV documentary)

2000 I Love 1970's (TV series documentary)

1999 Y2K: A World in Crisis (TV mini-series documentary)

1999 Intimate Portrait (TV series documentary) (Narrator)

1999 E! True Hollywood Story (TV series documentary)

1998 29th NAACP Image Awards (TV special)

1997 Wild On... (TV series)

1995 Cop Files (TV movie)

1994 Without Walls (TV series documentary)

1994 1994 MTV Movie Awards (TV special)

1993 Vicki! (TV series)

1991 The 12th Annual Black Achievement Awards (TV special)

1990 The Marsha Warfield Show (TV series)

1987 The New Hollywood Squares (TV series)

1986 Ebony/Jet Showcase (TV series)

1984 Black Hollywood (TV documentary)

1977 The Mike Douglas Show (TV series)

1977 Circus of the Stars #2 (TV special)

1972-1976 The Hollywood Squares (TV series)

1975 Celebrity Tennis (TV series)

1974 Dinah! (TV series)

1973 The Dean Martin Show (TV series)

1972 New York, New York (TV series)

1972 The 44th Annual Academy Awards (TV special)

1972 The David Frost Show (TV series)

1971 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (TV series)

1971 Soul in Cinema: Filming Shaft on Location (documentary short)

Richard Roundtree in Shaft Richard Roundtree

"Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?" It's John Shaft. But, more importantly, it's actor Richard Roundtree. Identification with a single character can be a blessing and a curse for an actor, and that couldn't be truer than in Roundtree's case. He's a gifted and complex actor who has appeared in dozens of movies and TV episodes since his breakthrough role in Shaft (1971), but he will always be remembered for that iconic performance. To those who didn't experience the film's presence in the early 1970s, the importance of Shaft may be difficult to understand, but it is a groundbreaking movie. It was arguably the first time that a sexy, strong, confident African-American male dominated the screen in an action film released by a big Hollywood studio.

Shaft was one of the earliest and most significant "blaxploitation" movies of the 1970s, and Roundtree was at its center, just as he continued to reprise his eponymous role in the two sequels, Shaft's Big Score! (1972) and Shaft in Africa (1973). Unfortunately, Shaft is not a particularly good film; originally a generic detective movie written for a white lead, it is plodding and dull. But Roundtree brings a charismatic presence and playful wit to the proceedings, and he deserved to be a bigger star. Much of his work following the Shaft trio is not memorable, but he has remained a solid working actor. He also has an underrated gift for comedy, a quality more evident in his TV work than in his big screen roles. But his filmography is proof that an actor is not always able to capitalize on a spectacular debut role. Other than sporadic supporting turns in titles such as Se7en (1995), the Samuel L. Jackson revival of Shaft (2000), and Brick (2005), much of Roundtree's work is in fare unworthy of his talents.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993, he is an advocate now and talks to men's groups about early detection.


Inchon (1981) $200,000

Earthquake (1974) $50,000 for 10 weeks

Shaft's Big Score! (1972) $50,000

Shaft (1971) $12,500

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