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Hildegard Knef

89 years old
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December 28, 1925

February 1, 2002 (aged 76) Berlin, Germany from emphysema

Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef

Kurt Hirsch (1947–52) (divorced)

David Cameron (1962–76) (divorced) 1 child

Paul von Schell (1977–2002) (her death)


2001 Wie angelt man sich einen Müllmann? (TV movie)

1999 An Almost Perfect Wedding

1995 Peter Strohm (TV series)

1994 Die Stadtindianer (TV series)

1994 Tödliches Erbe (TV movie)

1993 Berlin Break (TV series)

1992 Haus am See (TV series)

1992 V comme vengeance (TV series)

1990 Ein Schloß am Wörthersee (TV series)

1988 La casa 4 (Witchcraft)

1985 Flügel und Fesseln

1984 Scarecrow and Mrs. King (TV series)

1982 Lieder gehen um die Welt (TV movie)

1982 Der Gärtner von Toulouse

1980 Warum die UFOs unseren Salat klauen

1979 Der Alte (TV series)

1978 Fedora

1976 Everyone Dies Alone

1968 The Lost Continent

1967 Gala der Schallplatte (TV movie)

1967 The Dirty Dozen (uncredited)

1966 Mrs. Dally (TV movie)

1965 Mozambique

1964 Silvester Show (TV movie)

1964 Condemned to Sin

1964 Wartezimmer zum Jenseits

1964 Gibraltar

1963 Das große Liebesspiel

1963 Curd Jürgens erzählt... (TV series)

1963 Ballade pour un voyou

1963 Landru

1963 Caterina di Russia

1962 Ipnosi

1962 Laura (TV movie)

1962 Lulu

1962 Die Dreigroschenoper

1962 Golden Boy (TV movie)

1961 La strada dei giganti

1960 Die geliebte Stimme (short)

1959 Subway in the Sky

1959 ITV Play of the Week (TV series)

1959 International Detective (TV series)

1959 The Man Who Sold Himself

1958 La fille de Hambourg

1958 Madeleine und der Legionär

1954 Svengali

1954 Confession Under Four Eyes

1954 Eine Liebesgeschichte

1953 The Man Between

1952 Soft Illusion

1952 La fête à Henriette

1952 Alraune

1952 Night Without Sleep

1952 The Snows of Kilimanjaro

1952 Diplomatic Courier

1952 Detour

1951 Decision Before Dawn

1951 Es geschehen noch Wunder

1951 Die Sünderin

1948 Fahrt ins Glück

1948 Film ohne Titel

1947 Zwischen gestern und morgen

1946 Die Mörder sind unter uns

1946 Under the Bridges

1945 Die Brüder Noltenius

1945 Frühlingsmelodie

1944 Träumerei (scenes deleted)


2009 Hilde (autobiography)


2002 Die Johannes B. Kerner Show (TV series)

2001 Marlene Dietrich: Her Own Song (documentary)

2001 A Woman and a Half: Hildegard Knef (documentary)

2000 Aber schön war es doch (TV documentary)

1999 Herman & Tietjen (TV series)

1997 Kein schöner Land (TV series)

1997 Talk 2000 (TV series)

1995 Für mich soll's rote Rosen regnen (documentary)

1992 Gottschalk Late Night (TV series)

1992 Wenn ich sonntags in mein Kino geh'... (TV documentary)

1990 Hildegard Knef zwischen gestern und heute (TV documentary short)

1988 Wetten, dass..? (TV series)

1985 Nein, ich gebe niemals auf!

1980 NDR Talk Show (TV series)

1980 Bio's Bahnhof (TV series)

1979 Cities (TV series documentary)

1977 ...und die Bibel hat doch recht (documentary)

1975 Hildegard Knef und ihre Lieder

1972 Erkennen Sie die Melodie? (TV series)

1971 The David Frost Show (TV series)

1971 V.I.P.-Schaukel (TV series documentary)

1971 New York, New York (TV series)

1971 Today (TV series)

1970 Die Rudi Carrell Show (TV series)

1970 Berlin-Geflüster (TV movie)

1970 'Die Drehscheibe' (TV series)

1969 Der goldene Schuß (TV series)

1969 Die Knef. Bericht über ein Konzert (TV documentary)

1968 Vergißmeinnicht (TV series documentary)

1967 Paris aktuell (TV series documentary)

1966 Es funkeln die Sterne - Eine musikalische Silvesterreise um die Welt (TV movie)

1963 Jolanthe lässt bitten.... (TV movie)

1963 Berlin-Melodie (TV movie)

1958 Cinépanorama (TV series documentary)

German Actress Hildegard Knef Hildegard Knef

Pretty and blonde, Hildegard Knef appeared in more than 50 movies throughout her career, but she is better known to audiences in Europe than the United States. She reportedly turned down producer David O. Selznick's offer of a Hollywood studio contract after being told she would have to change her name and claim she was Austrian, not German.

Knef grew up in Berlin. During World War II she worked at the Universum Film AG studios as a painter and cartoonist in the animation department while studying acting at the Babelsberg Film Institute. She made her film debut in Harald Braun's Traumerei (1944), but her scenes were deleted. She became a star in the first film produced by the German Democratic Republic's Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft studio, Wolfgang Staudte's noir Die Morder sind unter uns (1946) (Murderers Among Us). She played a former Nazi concentration camp inmate returning home. It was a role played from the heart: to escape being raped by the advancing Soviet army, Knef had adopted the guise of a young man and was sent to a prisoner of war camp.

Knef then turned to postwar Berlin's stage before leaving for the United States. She found some success, such as a supporting role in The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952), but decided to return to Germany. She soon hit the headlines, scandalizing the roman Catholic Church when she did a brief nude scene while playing a prostitute in Die Sunderin (1951) (The Story of a Sinner). The rest of her career was spent in European cinema, with the occasional foray into U.S. productions. She found acclaim in middle age as a singer with a smoky voice, appearing on Broadway from 1954 to 1965 as Ninotchka in Cole Porter's musical comedy Silk Stockings.

"Success and failure are greatly overrated. But failure gives you...more to talk about."

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