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Hawaiian Eye

55 years old
United States
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Crime, Drama, Music/musical/concert/dance, Action/adventure

Roy Huggins

Robert Conrad – Tom Lapaka

Anthony Eisley – Tracy Stele

Connie Stevens – Cricket Blake

Poncie Ponce – Kazuo Kim

Grant Williams – Greg MacKenzie

Mel Prestidge – Quon

Douglas Mossman – Moke

Troy Donahue – Philip Barton

Andre Philippe – Paul

Robert Colbert – Charles Quinford

United States

William T. Orr - Executive Producer

Stanley Niss – Producer

Charles Hoffman – Producer

Ed Jurist - Producer

Edward Dein | Alvin Ganzer | Paul Landres | André De Toth | Charles F. Haas | Paul Stewart | Jesse Hibbs | Robert B. Sinclair | Howard W. Koch | Robert Douglas



October 7, 1959 – April 2, 1963

“The Hawaiian Eye Theme” - Mack David & Jerry Livingston (Composers) | Warren Beatty (Performer)

Series music:

Michael Heindorf | Howard Jackson | Frank Perkins | Paul Sawtell | Bert Shefter | Max Steiner

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. | Robert Knapp | Adam West | Mary Tyler Moore | Andrea Martin | Gavin MacLeod | Wendell Holmes | Cloris Leachman | Chad Everett | Jack Nicholson | Victor French | Mary Tyler Moore | Ted Knight | Warren Oates

Connie Stevens in Hawaiian Eye Poncie Ponce in Hawaiian Eye Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens and Troy Donahue in Hawaiian Eye

Hawaiian Eye has been called 77 Sunset Strip played in Hawaii. There certainly were similarities. Both shows were produced by the same studio (Warner Bros.), both featured two handsome, free-swinging young detectives as alternate leads, both had simple melodramatic plots set against glamorous backgrounds and both made use of nutty sidekicks for comic relief.

Base of operations for Tom Lopaka and Tracy Stele was a swank, poolside office at the Hawaiian Village Hotel. Their sidekicks were a pert, somewhat addled young singer-photographer named Cricket and a colorful cabbie named Kim. Kim, the operator of a one-man taxi service, was especially helpful as he had seemingly dozens of relatives scattered around the islands ready to help out if one of his employers needed some local assistance. Kim’s trademarks were his pupule (‘crazy’) straw hat, dumb jokes and ukulele.

A new detective named Greg MacKenzie arrived in December 1960, while Philip Barton joined the cast of characters in 1962 as the hotel’s social director. Quon was the contact on the Honolulu police force. Fellow gumshoe Stu Bailey of 77 Sunset Strip made an occasional visit from the mainland, possibly to get a closer look at some of the beautiful girls who peopled every Hawaiian Eye plot. But then he had beautiful girls in his series too.

The show's debut coincided with several real-world developments that helped contribute to its longevity. These were the granting of statehood to Hawaii, the advent of mass tourism to the new state brought about by the introduction of jetliners for commercial passenger flights, and the promotional efforts of Henry J. Kaiser, whose real estate projects in Honolulu included building the hotel complex originally known as Kaiser's Hawaiian Village and later the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel.

Iris Landon: You're poking your nose in where it doesn't belong.
Tracy Steele: I come from a long line of nose-pokers. Oh, by the way, where's Mr. Lewis?

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