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Face/Off (1997)

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$112,276,146 US Box Office

Thriller, Adventure, Action

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September 11, 2007

June 27, 1997


John Woo

Jonathan D. Krane, Michael Douglas & Steven Reuther - Executive Producers

David Permut, Barrie M. Osborne, Terence Chang & Christopher Godsick - Producers

Matthew Ferro - Producer (VIFX)

Michael Colleary & Mike Werb (II) Co-Producers

Jeff Levine - Associate Producer

Mike Werb & Michael Colleary

John Powell

Oliver Wood

Steven Kemper & Christian Wagner

Paramount Pictures

United States


326 Swarthmore Ave, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, USA

Agoura Hills, California, USA

Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA

Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center/Hospital, Baldwin Park, California, USA

Los Angeles Convention Center - 1201 S. Figueroa Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, USA

San Pedro Bay, California, USA

San Pedro Harbor, Long Beach, California, USA

San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA

Victorville, California, USA

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John Travolta Nicolas Cage Joan Allen Alessandro Nivola Gina Gershon Dominique Swain Nick Cassavetes Harve Presnell Colm Feore John Carroll Lynch

Face/Off is an Academy Award-nominated 1997 action film directed by John Woo, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. The two both play an FBI agent and a terrorist, who both assume the physical appearance of their enemy.

The film is considered Woo's most successful American film, both critically and commercially. The film exemplifies gun fu and heroic bloodshed action sequences, and has Travolta and Cage each playing two personalities. It was the first Hollywood film in which Woo was given complete creative control and was acclaimed by both audiences and critics as a result. Eventually grossing $245 million worldwide, Face/Off was a financial success.

The name for the floating prison, Erewhon, is a simple anagram of "nowhere" (originally used as the title of a satirical novel by Samuel Butler in 1872).

The studio wanted John Woo to take the slash out of the title, but he kept it in so people wouldn't think it was a hockey movie.

Sean Archer: Any word from the LAPD intelligence? If there is such a thing?
Loomis: Not yet, sir.
Sean Archer: Of course not, because we're a covert anti-terrorist team that is so secret, that when we snap our fingers nothing happens!

Sean Archer: I want to take his face... off. Eyes, nose, skin, teeth. It's coming off.

Castor Troy: Lies, deceit, mixed messages... this is turning into a real marriage.

Walton: You are now the property of Erewhon Prison. A citizen of nowhere. The Geneva Convention is void here; Amnesty International doesn't know we exist. When I say your ass belongs to me, I mean exactly that.

As Archer (Castor) and Pollux swing over the skylight, before Pollux falls through, two crew members can be seen on the adjacent rooftop.

The boom microphone is reflected in the window as the ear is being reconstructed.

After the motorcycle cop pulls up at the Convention Center evacuation there is a wide shot of the frenzied street; in the background a camera crane with camera and operators is visible as it tracks upward.

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